What are e-Books?

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you have most likely come across the term “eBooks”. But what exactly are eBooks and is there anything about them you really need to know? If you’re at all interested in the latest publishing medium and would like access to an unlimited number of fiction and nonfiction literary works, eBooks are definitely something you need to become familiar with.

An eBook is a digital book that you can download and read on your computer, laptop, PDA or a dedicated reading device. If you prefer to read your eBooks on paper, you can also print them and take them with you wherever you go.

EBooks are read for a wide variety of reasons for an even wider variety of people. They can be read for enjoyment or can be used as valuable learning and research tools. You can use eBooks to research a project or you can download them and catch up on the classics. There is probably an eBook for every topic you could ever want to read about, and then some.

There are a number of different digital formats that eBooks are distributed in. If your computer does not have the software necessary to support a certain eBook format, you’ll need to download and install the required software prior to reading any eBooks published in that format. Almost all of the software needed for eBook enjoyment can be downloaded for free. Some of the most popular free eBook readers include Adobe Reader, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket Reader, mBrain PDF Reader, Rocket eBook and TK3 Reader.

EBooks were first introduced to the Web in the 1990s and have experienced a massive growth in popularity since their inception. By the year 2000 there were literally thousands of eBooks being distributed across the Internet. As of today, the number of available eBooks on the Web is in the millions and more eBooks are added to the marketplace each and every day. When it comes to the reading of eBooks, your choices are virtually endless.

EBook Publishing Methods: What You Need to Know

All of the eBooks on the Web have been published in one of two ways. There are self-published eBooks and there are eBooks that have been published by a publishing house. EBooks that have been published by a publishing house often cost more than eBooks that have been self published, and some eBook publishers create eBooks in certain electronic format that require specialized software to read the books.

When an author chooses to self-publish an eBook, they retain control over the entire publishing process, they do not give away any rights to their material and they set the pricing for their literary pieces. This provides the eBook purchaser with an affordable eBook that also is almost always universally accessible as a conventional PDF or Word file.

There have been a number of very successful self-published eBooks sold through websites like www.e-bookreaders.biz and Clickbank. Titles like Miracles Do Happen, Sit, Stay, Fetch! and Pregnancy Without Pounds have done very well and a countless number of consumers have benefited from the material these informative eBooks contain. Without the ability to self publish eBooks, these wonderful resources may never have been available to the public.

EBooks versus Traditional Books

While the content of eBooks is not too dissimilar from the content contained in the pages of traditional books, there can still be significant differences between the two book types. Understanding these differences can help you comprehend why eBooks are often a better choice than the traditional books of yesteryear.

In Closing

Now you know what an eBook is and why they’ve become so popular in recent years. If you haven’t yet discovered just how much eBooks have to offer, try one out and you may be surprised. Someday eBooks may be the only books available on the planet. After all, no one knows what the future holds.