The iCare menstrual cup is produced using delicate restorative evaluation silicone, is reusable and has been intended to be anything but difficult to spotless and agreeable to wear.
The iCare menstrual cup is delicate, adaptable and simple to overlap to embed and has enough spring to spring up effectively after inclusion. Its adaptability enables it to twist as you move, giving you extreme solace and insurance.
The iCare menstrual cup is worn inside, while tampons and cushions assimilate menstrual liquid, the iCare gathers it. It implies it doesn’t cause dryness, disturbance, tingling or incomfort and gathers three fold the amount of as a tampon menstrual cup benefits.
The iCare menstrual cup is the female assurance of the 21st century. It is easy to understand, sheltered, reusable, eco-intelligent and a more beneficial option in contrast to cushions and tampons and ladies cherish it since it really improves their cycle by being less difficult and getting a lighter stream.
Tampons and cushions create smell in light of the fact that the menstrual stream is presented to air. Purchase worning the menstrual cup inside, it makes a light seal with your vaginal dividers without uncovering the menstrual stream to the air and in this manner taking out terrible smell until the end of time. Furthermore, in contrast to tampons, iCare doesn’t assimilate dampness, which can cause dryness and uneasiness. For the last time you will feel new and certain throughout the day!
Made of the most noteworthy restorative evaluation silicone, a ultra-protected, inactive material that is grown particularly for therapeutic proposes, without latex, hypoallergenic, containing no colors, BPA, phthalates, plastic, dyes or poisons. Silicone is non-retentive, so a menstrual cup is a more beneficial decision, no yeast, no microscopic organisms, no smell, just solace and tidiness while regarding the pH and verdure parity of your vagina. Feel certain realizing that you can wear any conceivable outfit, your charming yoga pants, leggins and whatever makes you feel incredible, anyplace, whenever, with total prudence and you can worn it during a wide range of physical exercises.
The iCare menstrual cup can hold up to three fold the amount of liquid as a tampon and can be worn up as long as 12 hours, giving you longer enduring insurance and the required certainty not to stress over uncovering any hint of your period security.
The iCare menstrual cup is as simple to use as tampons while being reusable, eco-accommodating and cash saver, on account of its 15 years lifetime.

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