How Long Does It Take To Grow Hair/

“They come in lengths from 18 inches to 24 inches and are perfect for a quick style change, event or to see if extensions are for you. They have such a wide assortment of colors, they virtually match everyone — and they also have fun colors so you can experiment, too. They instantly add volume and length and are easy enough to do at home or to take to your stylist.

The cost of hair extensions varies so widely even just in the UK that it is difficult to know what is an appropriate price to pay.

Permanent hair extensions will cost more than temporary hair extensions as they do take time to fit. A full Head of hair extensions will take 2 or 3 hours to fit, so you are paying for the labour costs. But most of the price you pay will be for the cost of the product itself – and this therefore means that it can be an expensive service of

It is worth going to a specialist salon and having some test pieces of hair fitted first, and then investing in the best quality hair you can afford up front, knowing that you can re-use the hair.

How Do I Know Which Type Of Hair Extensions I Should Get?

However, there are some salons that do overcharge based on being located in large flagship premises in a prestigious area (especially in London). This will obviously impact the overall price charged.

Temporary hair extensions vary even more widely. If you’re just going to wear the hair for one or two uses then buying less expensive hair is a good choice.

But, if you would like to use the pieces repeatedly over years then investing in high-quality Virgin hair is essential as this is the only grade of human hair that will last for many years.

Also the methods used to fit synthetic hair do not allow for a multi-tonal colour match as they are produced in block colours. All clients need a mix of colours/shades to get a true colour match.

Renowned for creating natural-looking extensions that are super high quality and custom-made to fit you (this isn’t your cheapo out of the packet deal), Sarah is the go-to on how to nab Blake Lively’s ‘do and avoid the dreaded Jodie Marsh mullet.

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