In our busy lifestyles, a lot people have begun searching for strategies to overeat and de-stress. In the past, puzzles and crafting are popular respites. Now, many people are discovering diamond painting.

Diamond painting is a gratifying new alternative that mixes elements of paint by number, jigsaw puzzles, and cross stitch. It is suited for novice and expert crafters alike. Yes, it is possible to paint diamonds to create a beautiful screen, all while enjoying the therapeutic process of piecing it together.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to set off on your diamond painting journey!

HOW TO Begin

To begin your diamond painting masterpiece, you’ll first need to select a suitable diamond art kit. All kits contain the 4 following tools with few variations:

  1. A cloth template, colored with squares which elicit pixel artwork. This is your guide for gemstone positioning. At this phase, remember not to remove the protective sheet covering your cloth template.
  2. Bags of diamonds, each labeled with a code referring to some colour on the guide provided. Depending on the kit you receive, the labeling system can fluctuate.
  3. Some may use numbers, letters, symbols or a combination of these, dependent on the complexity of the painting you’ll be writing. Whichever system is used, the bags of diamonds are indicated to coincide with the corresponding color and symbol table. It may not appear to be a massive amount, but that is because you don’t have to utilize much to apply the diamonds. Likewise, you won’t need to melt or melt down the wax before using it.
  4. A tray for organizing your beads. You may opt to work on a single color at a time or work section by section with colors, it’s totally up to you!

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This not only facilitates your advancement, but it greatly improves the calming, emphasizing aspects of the entire practice. If you decide to work with a number of colors at once, be certain you set up all of the colours you will use. You might also need to use the craft tray to keep your diamonds organized. When laying out the diamonds, then make sure that you arrange them in a single, flat layer, with the curved sides .
Peel rear portion of the protective sheet covering the fabric template. Do not get rid of all of the plastic, as this will cause the fabric template to lose its stickiness.
Apply a small amount of wax to the applicator to pick your selected gem.
Put the diamond on the corresponding spot and, gently but firmly, press it against the fabric template.


As you begin DIY diamond painting, you’re going to want to discover the best diamond painting toolkits for your degree of experience and aesthetic preferences. Kits include a relatively limitless diversity of subjects, as well as a vast selection of sizes and skill levels.

Even though landscapes, animals, and flora stay popular, diverse muses have arrived at the spectacle for those with funkier tastes. From quirky seasonal scenes into religious and religious subjects, from intriguing portraits to colorful abstract themes, each crafter can find their niche.

Whichever subject matter you pick, diamond painting kits offer you these unique depictions in several distinct sizes. Some choose smaller kits to make modest artworks in just a few sittings. On the other hand, other crafters enjoy being engrossed from the minute details of the larger fabric templates and, therefore, they favor larger kits they can finish over the course of several days.

Another choice is that the multi-panel kit, which also comes in different sizes and a fantastic variety of images and subjects. The Landscape Waterfall Square Multi-Diamond Painting and also the Gold Magnolia Round Special Shape are two great examples of that. The completed diamond paintings form a comprehensive dimensional piece from organizing templates.


A finished diamond painting is a versatile work of art. There is no doubt a diamond painting can quickly become a centerpiece, regardless of its placement.

As a result of the material of the template, made of canvas or other fabric, you may opt to display your work of art anywhere you would like, with or without a frame. Some instances are accessories and bags, as well as decorative pillows and throws. This depends on the size of your diamond painting as well as the surface you’ll be embellishing, needless to say.

Many crafters love the seasonal and holiday-themed diamond painting kits. These completed paintings frequently make a place of prominence among the holiday displays. Customized pictures or quotations are also popular options to decorate doorways or greeting rooms.

Whether small, large, or multi-paneled, there’s the ideal diamond painting kit for every interested crafter. Needing only the tools included in the kit, diamond painting is a whole masterpiece project included in one, clean kit. Of course, this just adds to its appeal, particularly for those looking for diamond painting for its calming effects. Irrespective of your reason for interest, there’s a bead painting kit for you!

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