In addition to pricing, convenience is another important factor that draws so many people to eBooks. Before eBooks became widely available, options for getting access to reading materials were quite limited. You could drive to the nearest bookstore, head to your local library, borrow a book from a friend or order a book from a catalog. Then along came eBooks. Suddenly people could gain instant access to all of the reading material they could ever want without having to leave their homes.

Online bookstores selling traditional books also boast the fact they can provide you with a variety of books without you ever leaving your home. However, when ordering form online bookstores you have to wait for the books to go through the shipping process and arrive at your home. Sometimes it can be weeks before you actually get the book in your hands. People who order eBooks don’t only get the convenience of ordering the books from their home, but they get instant access to the eBook they order. There’s much to be said for instant gratification, as eBook readers well know.