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The Domain Tweak System

The Domain Tweak System contains of 11 Videos produced by Chad Kimball, in which it made him $21,111 when he applied it to one of his websites. The System has many few requirements which is really good. Such as it requires:

ZERO link arrangements
ZERO articles posted
ZERO ppc traffic
ZERO directory listings
ZERO blog posts or comments
All the work is done by others for free.

Here is just some of what you will learn in the 11 Videos of my “Domain Tweak” System:

  • Replace your adwords traffic with free traffic COMPLETELY.
  • Gain massive free google traffic WITHOUT using link partners, ezinearticles, or squidoo.
  • How to build a new site that instantly has a PageRank of 6 (totally white hat)
  • Where to get free, completely unique content that google loves!
  • How to own your own massive link network for mere pennies.
  • How a new page on your website can be producing sales within 24 hours (without ppc).
  • A technique that will allow you to get traffic for almost any keyword you want, regardless of competition.
  • Others will beg to use bummarketing techniques on YOUR website, instead of you putting content on other people’s sites (like hubpages).
  • Dominate google’s COMPETITIVE search phrases
  • Where to host your website for $1/month or less.
  • How to increase your PageRank without adding any incoming links.
  • Why links from the wrong sites could hurt your income.
  • How to get your affiliate link #1 position in google quickly, even ABOVE the product owners website!
  • Find people who are “throwing away” Pr4, PR5, and PR6 links, and grab them up for yourself!
  • 2 techniques that help you identify keywords that guarantee first page position and money in your pocket.

The Domain Tweak System is another proven system in the seo field. It It is 100% white-hat and utilizes fundamental SEO principles. My traffic increased with a few of his videos, because some of them were rare and unique ideas. One of his video methods was that it allows you to create your own link network of sites, all linking into your main site. With this method you build these sites and they will instantly have high pagerank (3, 4, 5, even PR 6!) and incoming links pointing to them. Some of Chad’s ideas you would never find on the internet, and so im glad I got to know what some of them were, as i will try to applied them to my business. His price is only $4.95, so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.”

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